About Me

I was born in India, the land of mystery and diversity.

I grew up in Pune, India where I completed my Masters in Clinical and Child Psychology.

I moved to Lagos, Nigeria, where my parents lived in 2000 and found Christ.

I moved back to Pune in 2002. My home, husband, child and ministry are all here now.


In 2016, I developed nodules on my vocal chords and couldn’t speak for extended periods of time.

I needed an outlet to journal all the wonderful things the Lord was speaking, showing and teaching me daily.

I soon realised that with blogging, I could have a voice. Now I look forward to building a community of supportive women.

My transcontinental journeys and leading a fellowship since 2009 have taught me much about life, love and above all Jesus.


I discovered I love Jesus, a strong cuppa coffee, and gummy bears.

My passion is to see all women grow in the knowledge of Christ and His Kingdom. As a pastor, my joy lies in learning and sharing the Word of God.

My greatest adventure is my wonderfully supportive husband and precious son.

When I am not reading The Bible you can find me in the gym, practicing piano or at my son’s soccer class.


So grab your cup of coffee, get on your favourite couch and lets invite Jesus to our coffee session!