17 decrees for singles

Powerful declarations for singles .
17 powerful declarations for singles.

17 powerful declarations for singles.

1. I confess my steps are ordered by the Lord.

2. I delight myself in the Lord and the Lord grants me the desires of my heart.

3. I declare I am free from loneliness, discouragement and fear.

4. My marraige will be a testimony to the Glory of God in my life.

5. I release all blessings relating to my marraige which the enemy has delayed.

6. My spouse and I will walk together in unity, sharing the same vision and goals.

7. My spouse is increasing in the character and nature of Jesus Christ each day.

8. I release the spouse whom God has chosen for me…I say come forth and make yourself known in Jesus name.

9. My spouse is just, holy, self-controlled and gentle in all His ways.

10. I refuse to be pressured or rushed into my marraige by peers or family.

11. The Lord gives me grace to live in purity.

12. The blood of Jesus forgives me of all my sin and His resurrection power heals me of all wounds in my soul.

13. I am set free from generational curses, past negative soul ties, emotional baggage and sexual impurity.

14. My marraige bed in undefiled.

15. I reject the curse of divorce from my marraige.

16. The Lord is with me and I am successful in every area of my life including my marraige.

17. Jesus Christ is Lord of my life.

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